Terms & Conditions

The terms used in these regulations shall have the following meaning:

  1. The company - IGLY & NITI.
  2. The website - The internet website.
  3. The clothing - The clothing appearing on the website and offered for sale.
  4. Delivery time of goods: by registered post for delivery of goods: up to 14 working days, dependent upon the Post Office; by messenger service: up to 2-3 working days from the time of order.
  5. Date of order: The date on which the transaction is approved by the customer’s credit company or the date of the order, the earlier of the two.
  6. Address for dispatch of post - The address registered by the customer on the order form as the address for delivery of orders.
  7. The date requested for delivery of the goods - The date registered by the customer as the date on which she prefers to receive the goods.
  8. Date of order - The date on which the transaction is approved by the credit company entered by the customer.




  1. These regulations are the legal basis for the contractual association for orders and surfing on the website and only they shall arrange the relationship between the company and the surfer on the website and/or the customer via the website.
  2. No use may be made of or via the website for any unlawful purposes.
  3. The use of the website and its contents and the services provided therein, are offered to you subject to your acceptance of all the terms incorporated in these regulations.
  4. Surfing on the website and/or your registration as a subscriber for receipt of its services and/or placing an order via the website shall be considered as a declaration that you are aged 18 and above.  Moreover surfing and registration shall be considered to be consent on your part to the terms of these regulations and the customer or her representative shall not have any plea and/or demand and/or claim against the website and/or the company and/or the website management and/or the company and/or any of its managers and/or employees, in all matters relating to the provisions and the terms of these regulations. In the event that it shall be discovered that the buyer is a minor (under the age of 18) or is not eligible to make legal actions without the approval of a guardian, the guardian shall be considered to be liable for any damage that shall be caused following execution of any purchase whatsoever by the minor or the protected individual, including and without harming the generality of the aforementioned packingI and postage costs and this without harming the company’s right to cancel the sale at its sole discretion.
  5. For any question and/or clarification and/or query please contact the company’s Customer Service directly by email:
  6. The website serves as a virtual store for sale of imported clothing and it is owned and managed by the company.
  7. In any place in these regulations that the female gender is used, the intention is also to the male gender.
  8. The website management is permitted to update the terms of these regulations from time to time.
  9. The computerized records of the company only as regards the transactions executed via the website shall constitute proof prima facie as to the accuracy of the transactions.
  10. The photographs of the products displayed on the website are solely for illustration and shall not obligate the company and/or the website management in any way whatsoever. It is agreed and clarified that the company shall try its best to present to the customers accurate photographs as far as possible and inasmuch as it shall be possible.
  11. The company does not undertake to hold a stock of all the styles and/or the clothing the photographs of which appear on the website.
  12. The company does its utmost to ensure that the information presented on the website shall be the most complete and accurate information however it shall be clarified that there could appear therein, in good faith, inaccuracies or errors and the company shall not bear any liability whatsoever derived from them or relating to them.
  13. The prices on the website appearing alongside the products include VAT, if such is applicable pursuant to law, however do not include delivery fees.
  14. The website management is permitted to update the prices of the products on the website and the delivery tariffs from time to time without the requirement for advance notice. The valid price as regards the order that you placed is the price published at the time that you completed the order process (including transfer of credit card details). If the prices shall be updated prior to completion of the order process, the customer shall be charged according to the updated prices.
  15. The website management is permitted to offer promotions, special offers and discounts on the website. The website management is permitted at any time to terminate these promotions, special offers and discounts, to substitute them or change them, without any requirement for advance notice in this matter.
  16. The terms of use of the website are imposed on the use of the website and the services incorporated therein by means of any computer or other communications device (for example cellular phone, various hand-use devices and so forth). Furthermore they are imposed on the use of the website whether by means of the internet network or by means of any other network or means of communication.

    In any event of any contradiction and/or incompatibility whatsoever between the provisions of these regulations and any other publications whatsoever as regards the sale, including in printed press and/or broadcast media and/or the company website, the provisions of these regulations shall prevail for all intents and purposes.

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