Privacy Policy

1. The company does not store credit card numbers on its computers.

2. IGLY & NITI uses the highest of security regulations in order to maintain as far as possible the confidentiality of its customer’s information and privacy. The company uses leading credit card clearing houses and security companies for the purpose of examination and information security.

3.Igly&Niti site is secure by PCI Data Security standard (PCI Level 1). Credit card info is kept on an external secured clearing server

4. In events that are not under control and/or derived from force majeure, the company shall not bear any liability for damage of any kind whatsoever, indirect or direct, that shall be caused to the customer or its representative, if information shall be lost or shall reach a hostile entity and/or shall make use of it without authorization.

5. The company undertakes not to make use of the customer’s particulars recorded by the website unless for the purposes of operating the website only, and in order to enable the execution of the order and transfer of information to the customer.

6. The website management makes efforts to supply the customer with a sound and top quality service. However, the website management does not undertake that the service on the website shall not be interfered with, shall be given in an orderly fashion or without breaks, shall be conducted safely and without errors, and shall be resistant to unauthorized access to the website management’s computers, damages, malfunctions, faults or failures - including faults in hardware, software or communication lines to the website - by the website management or its suppliers.

7. The website management shall not bear any liability as regards notices that shall be received or that shall be sent via the website (including messages that shall be sent to the customers by other users via the website services), the content of these messages or any computer file that shall be attached to them, the action of each file as aforementioned, the affect on the computer user and any damage, loss, inconvenience, distress and so forth, results, direct or indirect,  that shall be caused to the user or to any third party due to messages received via the website services or that shall be sent through it.

8. For the regulations, including and without derogating from the generality of the aforementioned in the matter of their interpretation and in regard to any dispute that shall arise in regard to the transactions that shall be made by its power, the Israeli law solely and only shall be imposed. The sole local jurisdiction in regard to these regulations and any transaction that shall be executed on the website shall be awarded solely and only to the authorized courts in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.


Transaction Cancellation and Product Return Policy In Israel

1. This section is subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.
2. The customer (and not the addressee) may cancel the order in each of the following cases and on the following conditions: 
 ▪ each credit shall be transferred to the credit card with which the order was made only, and according to the credit company’s schedules;

 ▪ there shall be no additional charge if a cancellation of the order before the product, is sent to the customer, and in such case any amount paid for the transaction, including the shipping charge, shall be refunded to the customer. Monetary credit shall be given in accordance with the provisions of the Law;
 ▪ if the transaction is cancelled after the product has been shipped to the customer and after the goods have been received at the company’s warehouse, full monetary credit shall be given; the shipping costs shall be deducted from the credit amount; credit shall be given provided that the item is returned unused, undamaged and without any defect – and with the label on it, as it had been received. If the product is return otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of this section, the customer shall not be credited (neither by way of monetary credit nor by receiving a credit voucher);
 ▪ the company shall have sole discretion in the determination of the condition of the returned goods;
 ▪ any unused item may be returned in its original packaging, with the labels attached to the zip tie – within 28 from the date of receipt thereof.
3. No monetary credit shall be given for items for which there was no monetary consideration, such as in the case of sales or gifts.
4. Manner of return of the items – the customer shall send the item back to the company, by courier or registered mail, and shall be responsible for any consequent liability for any damage and/or loss.
5. Direct cards shall not be credited. Therefore, holders of Direct cards shall only be entitled to be credited though the website.
6. If the customer wishes to return products that were sold as part of a ‘sale’, it shall receive a refund less of the value of the item, or a refund in the amount of NIS 100, whichever is lower. Where a product was sold at a discount, as part of a ‘sale’, and the customer requests to receive monetary credit for the products for use on the website (credit), the credit amount shall be equal to the original amount paid, without any deduction.
7.  monetary credit shall be given for underwear, including bathing suits.  

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