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Yana Lemkin is a vibrant and talented Israeli fashion designer, who specializes in sportswear. Yana acquired formal education both in design and in software engineering, and quickly integrated into the innovative and frenzied Israeli fashion industry. Her attraction to sports fashion began when she worked out for long hours at the gym, and noticed that the clothes she and the other trainees wore weren't designed in a stylish or inspiring manner.
She decided to alter the situation and create sportswear collections of her own. Yana designed sports clothes as she would like to wear - comfortable, cheeky, loose and fashionable.
She created three special concepts, each with combinations of shining colors:

Summertime Collection - gentle and comfortable clothes, "spa" style, consisting mainly of bright colors with stripes, white, light blue and blue.

Desert Collection - clothes with exotic Levantine orientation, consisting mainly of blue, green and yellow.

Metal Collection - advanced hyper-urban clothing, which emphasizes metallic, black and gray shades.

Yana sees great importance in taking sportswear out of its small niche into daily wear. These clothes should be comfortable and fun, and also make fashion statement. But Yana's designs do not end in sportswear, and in recent years has expanded her activities to other diversified textile products - bras, leg warmers, undershirts, dresses, coats and pants. Yana continues to create and innovate constantly, through the prism of the philosophy that guides her – you can and should feel good about yourself, look great and dress up in comfort.


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